Thursday, July 17, 2014

And now for something completely different.

(To the tune of "Home on the Range")

Oh give me a home, where the lag doesn't roam;
where my dear flamingos are not grey;
where seldom is heard crash-induced obscene words,
and the skies can be ultra all day!

Homes that aren't rezzed strange;
where my dear flamingos are not grey;
where seldom is heard crash-induced obscene words,
and the skies can be ultra all day!

The noob man is depressed since he can't see his chest,
and from grey his skin just will not turn.
It took him forever to get this pulled together,
and now his temper's starting to burn.

Homes that aren't rezzed strange;
where my dear flamingos are not grey;
where seldom is heard crash-induced obscene words,
and the skies can be ultra all day!

When it is midnight, and noob clothes are full bright
Say thanks to your lucky pixel stars.
Noobs watch you all amazed, and they ask as they gaze,
If you'll give them a lil linden love.

Homes that aren't rezzed strange;
where my dear flamingos are not grey;
where seldom is heard crash-induced obscene words,
and the skies can be ultra all day!

By The real life human being whose Second life presence is the avatar Nadya Kruyschek, and who will sue the very fucking skin off of your corpse if you steal her work. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Vol. 1, Issue *checks* 5: SL Hair Hunt

Wait a minute, it's not that kind of hunt! I was just hunting for a particular hair that I saw in this pic for Cynful's new bellbottom jeans. (Which do look cuuute.)

This Hair! ^^^        

Someone asked in the group chat, so I chimed in to ask as well, a lil back and forth and someone shared with the group that the hair is from booN, so bless you, random knowledgeable person! Off I went to get the hair, meeting the same lady who asked in the group chat, and so we tried on the hair. Both hairs in the pic are indeed by booN, and both are impeccably done, in my personal opinion. The updo, while very elegant, was overshadowed by the ponytail, which I fell in love with from the start.

Now I will take a break from the lovefest and share some actual info about the hair

The hair is two separate parts for purchase: the cornrow mesh hair base (not a flat texture at all), and the fitted mesh ponytail. The mesh hair base has a HUD tintable scalp base, but also has the option to remove that completely via the hud. Click "Skinless", and voila, your own scalp shows underneath, perfect match, or for if you choose to wear a hair base under it. For the darker colours, I wear a hair base, for the lighter colours, I go without, personal choice.

"booN color HUD for cornrows hairbase"

Oh, look, it's a pic of the HUD. /failing at being smooth.

Anyways, when you buy the hair base, it's a fatpack of all the colours. For the ponytail, it's different packs of colours and also available as a fatpack. I got the fatpack for both, because... well, I love this hair. The hair base is easy to resize, using your edit window, and as it is one prim, resizing is a cinch, even if you have a weirdly shaped head.
Don't give me that look, we've all been in SL long enough to see some pixel skulls that defy logic and explanation. Both the hair base and the ponytail have modify permissions, which is great for lil old me, who loves to tint something to get just that specific hue.

Now, about the ponytail. It's fitted mesh, will work with just about any body, even me, with my mesh boobies. My avatar's chest was flat, for the boobs, but with a  few nudges to the right with the sliders, the hair fit perfectly over my boob, without any issues. I am sure there may be a limit to how well this works, depending on breast size, but most fairly reasonable yet ample sizes should be fine. If your boobs are ginormongous, you probably usually run into issues and may not be too surprised. As always, try a demo, which has all the colours.
Again with that look? C'mon, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyways, I come from rl busty stock, so not judging, just saying it like it is, relax.

Anyways, here are some pics of me wearing it, with my .b hair base, usual piercings and jewelry, Suicidal Unborn top, Happy Undead miniskirt in denim grey (tinted it of course lol).

Of course, only now do I notice that my bonsai is not rezzed in the background.
That's what I get for staying up too late. But isn't this hair lovely? :)

Skin: [theSkinnery]; Eyes: Ikon;  Mesh Body Addons: Lolas, Slink, u L u k i e.
Jewelry: Plastik, Ellabella, Mad Echo, Korundi, Baiastice, The Forge, Puncture, Elate!
Makeup, Tattoos and Nail Polish: Glam Affair, Corvus, Letis Tattoos, Mad Echo
Clothing: Suicidal Unborn, Happy Undead
Not Pictured: Enelya's Creations (Manala Heels), Slink High Feet, Munique Lace Pantie :P

As always, pics taken by Nadya Kruyschek, and not retouched at all. Just one more thing, the owner of booN is a sweetheart. I had a question, and they responded back to me and were so helpful, and as you remember from my previous posts, good customer service makes me a happy princess. So between the awesome hair and great customer service, I will be going back to booN again. I hadn't been there in years, but that will change, especially if this is the kind of awesomeness I can find there now. :) 

I ramble on a bit and step on toes but it's all part of my charm. (also partly from wearing women's size 11 heels in rl. :P) That's all for now. Nini.

Princess Nadya Crème Brûlée (now I'm hungry) Panda

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vol.1, Issue 4: Sketchy, in a Good Way

Had I used a sexier pose, the title would be "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

Coming soon (on Nadya), to a [Insert Name Here] Fair near you.

This picture has not been retouched at all. This is the Sketchbook costume from Mad Echo, in all it's natural glory, and yes, I do indeed have my Lolas Tango Mirage and Ghetto Booty on, as it comes with appliers for Tango and Phat Azz. (If you have the Ghetto Booty, you probably already know how to use PA appliers for it, which is what I did). Plopped on my Wasabi Pills Jamie hair, retextured it with the included sketch hair texture (and the Trompe Loeil Curve Patio chair and background), and also wore the sketch eyes.

Quite frankly... I LOVE IT.

Considering there's no "naughty" details to cover up with clothes, I may run around exactly like this at events that like to eject for high script counts. It's way cuter than my usual running around invisible. :) Hat's off to you, Kitten Mai, this skin is pretty damn cool! Only thing I can think of to make it more awesome would be Slink appliers, but even without that, it's an amazing creative idea come to (second) life.

More to come later (hint: we all have too much, and yet not enough. not shoes, there's no such thing as too much shoes! begone, plebeians! :P), but right now, I'm gonna get myself a snack.

Princess Nadya Crème Brûlée Panda

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vol. 1, Issue 3: Here Kitty Kitty

I am not someone who likes kid avis very much. I've often wanted to shoot at them for horrid grammar and a manner of typing that makes me want to lobotomize myself with a nail gun. However, I have the most kickass, cool, kindhearted, talented sweetheart of an SL niece, who doesn't type like she has mouse traps on each finger and twenty on her brain. 

She's also a genius at creating cute as hell original mesh, and this purse is at the top of the list for me. Convinced me to wear purses in SL (something I always thought was ridiculous to do) with her "[RI] Clutch Your Watermelon". Now, she's made this adorable Kitty Cuteness purse, and I'm all kinds of confused now, since I'm wearing a purse! I guess there was no one else in sl who made a handbag cute enough to sell me on them till now. 

RazzBerry Kitty Cuteness Purse Gacha @ Woodland Treasures
As you can see from the pic, they are resizeable and suitable for all sizes and ages of avi.
(Seriously, look at that adorable face and those cute purses. *just hands her wallet over*)
Congrats Jayme, you broke your auntie. I'm going back there to try for the rare! It's pink... not my fave colour, but it's a shade I can definitely live with, and it's all glittery lashes and princessy.... damnit. She's already making even more cuteness. I am gonna be so broke, but will look damn cute!

RazzBerry Kitty Cuteness Purse in Blue
Enelya's Creations Manala Heels for Slink HIGH Feet
Letis Tattoos Butterflies Lilies Slink Feet Tattoo (SL Marketplace Dollarbie)
A:S:S Superglitter Nail Polish for Slink
Bracelets by Crash Republic & BOOM
Skirt: Happy Undead
Top (Yes, it's a top.): Luck Inc
(may horny rats do depraved things to the left nostril of anyone who messes with Luck Inc;
same for whoever is messing with the creator of Wowmeh Mesh Body.)
Necklace: The Forge
Piercings: Ellabella; Puncture; Hebenon Vial
Boobs & Butt: Lolas & U l u k i e
Makeup: Glam Affair; Pink Fuel; Mon Cheri; Corvus
Tattoos: Letis Tattoos
Skin and Ears: [theSkinnery]
Eyes, Hands & Feet: Ikon, Slink & Slink
Hair: Tableau Vivant
No poses, just a great ao from Vista and good timing.
Photos unretouched and taken by Nadya Kruyschek at home.
Oh, and my Arcade Gacha List is always updated! Getting smaller and smaller, but if anyone wishes to trade this rounds rares for rares from a previous round, IM me (nadya Kruyschek). If you want to just give a rare from my list just because, I can find it in my heart to accept it. (worth a try! ^_^)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Moment of Thanks... before I go insane at the Arcade.

I haven't posted anything due to waiting eagerly for the Arcade to open, because I am without a doubt addicted to the thrill of collecting random bits of awesomeness at very good prices. Unless I get carried away trying to get ONE thing and end up with a bajillion things I DON'T need.

(Side note, if anyone needs any of those blasted cute antique phones from Floorplan several rounds ago, I'll give them all to you for the price of one. Please for the love of God, take them! I just wanted the Audrey colour and... yeah. Wow. Lotsa phones. Take them. Please.)

Anyways, I have my Arcade gacha list ready, and in a few days I will dive right into those yard sales and knock myself out getting the commons! Yes, I've learned, at last. Please send any LMs for yard sales, my linden balance will thank you! I will probably compile a list later of older rares and commons I don't mind trading, but for now, I will relax and savour the calm before the gacha storm. Maybe even change houses, in preparation for the onslaught of rezzable cuteness I will be pouncing on soon. May everyone have as much fun at this round of the Arcade as I intend to, and may we all eventually get on the damn sim! (Or the neighbouring sim to cam shop. I'm not too picky.) 

Hair: Ploom
Shirt: Fuk'N'Hawt
Skirt: Mad Echo (Retired)
Skin: [theSkinnery]
Ears & Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion
Heels: Enelya's Creations
Mesh Breasts and Ass: Lolas & Phat Azz
Hands and Feet: Slink
Nail Polish: A:S:S
Piercings: Ellabella
Tattoos: Letis
Landscaping Credits:
Wishing Well Fountains, Heart Botanicals, 3D Trees,
ACS, Skye, T-Spot, Tobias Novi, Lowell Creations.
Photo by Nadya Kruyschek, Un-retouched.

I'd been looking like a madwoman for and found a cute as hell skater style skirt that worked with the phat azz while browsing on flickr, and had to get it. I looked at the marketplace page and it wasn't there... so I went to the in-world store. It wasn't there.

*loud ass crickets*

I decided to send a notecard to the creator to ask where I could find the skirt and demo, and got a very quick response back from her, saying that the skirts were retired!


She sent me the skirts gratis, not one colour, not two colours... the whole fatpack! *floored*

So I would like to tell you all that the owner of Mad Echo, Kitten Mai, is friggin awesome and sweet, offers very fast customer service, and makes cute stuffs.

Kitten Mai, I will be back to do some shopping, because there are some cute drippy tees that look up at me with big adorable eyes and say "please take us home and wear us?" and I cannot resist that. Please keep making cute things, because I do not mind going SL broke in stores owned by awesome creators, which you are one. :) Wouldn't mind more mesh butt friendly goodness either! :D

Fountain of Tranquility, by Wishing Well Fountains.

I got a new fountain as well, at Wishing Well Fountains, and it's beeeaaauuutiiiifuuuullllll! Made by a very awesome, sweet, friendly, and talented Wolfie (Bf2 Shepherd. I love that a wolf has the last name Shepherd!), who is guaranteed to get more of my money, because creativity paired with awesome customer service makes me a very loyal customer. I cannot even begin to describe how lovely these fountains are, so just go and see for yourself. He's such a sweet wolf, you'll find yourself questioning the story of Lil' Red Riding Hood(rat. I don't trust that tart.) He also does custom work, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, he can make it for you. :D

I had to write about these two creators and their work, because they are doing things right and beyond that! It's not enough to just be creative, you must also offer good customer service when needed, and they both went above and beyond in my personal opinion, and deserve a shitload of praise for it.

My first avi bought an outfit at a store, and did not receive it. I bought it again and received it. It was a copy/no trans outfit, so I sent a notecard to the store owner, and explained what happened, and also showed the transaction records. That was 6 YEARS AGO, and I still never received any sort of reply from them. Needless to say, I took my business elsewhere. This was before quietly accepting notecards, or automatically accepting, so I knew for a fact the owner accepted the notecard, which meant to me, they simply did not give a shit. I do not shop at stores that do not give a shit about their customers.

The experience I had at that store makes me appreciate owners who take their time to help out customers all the more, even years after, and when I have a positive experience with a store owner, I am guaranteed to be devoted to that store pretty much forever. Here is a short list of some stores, etc that fit the bill for me. I only wish that I told some of them how appreciated it was before they were gone.

Paradisis (Ankhari Tammas. Sexy yet sweet apparel, and great customer service. Customer for life.)

Fuk'N'Hawt (Melanie Jaehun. Queen of the nip slip and the cheek peek in my book (not had any complaints from guy friends ever lol), and lightning fast with customer service.)

The Plastik (Aikea Rieko. You are genius, and that is why my favourite colour at your store is fatpack! Nuff said. Plus great customer service, and a generous nature. You are above and beyond, above and beyond.)

Leti's Tattoo (Leti Hax, pure awesome. English is not her first language, but she still goes above and beyond, and I am pretty damn stoked to have appliers for tattoos I had bought even years ago! Will always get my tattoos at Leti's, she does great work and does not let anything stop her from offering the best customer service.)

Atelier Yllanys (Yllanys Resident, sadly, the store is closed, but she's awesome. Absolutely incredible and beautiful builds. My fave builder for good reason, and a sweet, kindhearted lady, will miss you tons.)

Dwelling Quay (Xavier Novelli, also awesome. Very talented and friendly, have not forgotten that incredible weather system, and still not so secretly want that gorgeous elevator lol.)

Mad Echo (Kitten Mai, see above :) )

Wishing Well Fountains (Bf2 Shepherd, see above too :) )

Blacklace Lingerie (Not just the owners being talented, but the CSRs being helpful too. One CSR, Sienna Bellios, was very prompt and helpful when I had an older gift card with half it's value remaining, but could not use it due to the vendor system having changed. She had me send the old gift card to her and had it replaced with a newer gift card immediately. Customer service done perfectly, thank you Ms. Bellios.)

Slink (Siddean Munro. Was delighted to have such a fast response when I needed the kit to make my own nail polishes for the Slink hands and feet, considering it is a bigger, busier store. Kudos to you for being prompt and awesomely talented.)

Mon Cheri (Freya Olivieri. Been shopping here since it was TGIS, and it's only gotten better and better. Great customer service, and a good laugh about a pasties gacha machine that refused to give any commons lol. Customer for life, for being so talented, friendly, and helpful. My RL mum is a girlie girl to the core, and I got her avi your lashes (not the mesh, this was before them), because that is exactly how my mum's lashes are! She absolutely loved them. You made my mum happy! Perma-customer!)

Victoria Chung (Oh yes, Landlords and Landladies count too! Will always rent from Victoria Chung, because she is professional, courteous, extremely understanding, and always helpful. Best land rental experience I have had in SL, since OT Rentals closed.)

OT Rentals (Tomac Sewell & Ophelia Laval. I am unclear as to what happened to make them close, but it was a joy to rent from them, my friends and I all rented from them for years, usually living on the same sim. It was sad to see the sims close down. Thank you, wherever you are, for being awesome.)

I have had stores before in SL, and I know how busy things can get with events, new releases, and of course, having your own life as well as real life. I also know, from both sides, the appreciation and happiness a customer gets when you take the time to help them. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your talents and your time, it is more appreciated than you may realize, and it's not forgotten or taken lightly. Never change.

Any owners that do not offer very good customer service... change your ways please. Your customers are your business's life blood, don't forget that.

Customers... give store owners a chance to respond, because it's not easy to run a store, takes a lot of time and effort. Always be courteous and respectful. (Added this because some customers no doubt can be lil so-and-so's.)

Ok, that's all. *hugs*

Princess Nadya Crème Brûlée Panda

Monday, May 19, 2014

Vol. 1, Issue 2: A Short Post.

If anyone is looking for an inexpensive and cute pair of shorts for their Phat Azz or Ghetto Booty, I'd recommend Pɑcɑgɑiɑ Creɑti♥ns Rachel Jeans Shorts. Only 50L, well made, comes with Phat Azz appliers, and no ghastly white halos anywhere (which did happen to me unfortunately with another makers shorts; if your skin in sl is lighter, it wasn't noticeable, but for my darker avi, it was not pretty.) These shorts do not have that problem though!

These have a low rise but still keep your butt covered. If you're looking for denim panties, look elsewhere, these fit like jeans shorts should! (You could swing a dead cat and hit 50 pairs of denim panties posing as shorts in fact, but not everyone is going for the Levi Strauss Stripper Collection look. :P)

Of course, if you do want something with a bit more of a well, slutty feel, without the wedgie, I recommend Larry Jeans 161 Denim V-cut Shorts (Ugh, I know someone evil in rl with that name, but the jeans are so damn cute!)

These are 299L, but you do get 6 different colours, so it averages out to 50L per pair, which is a good deal in my book! Comes with Phat Azz appliers as well. It does gives you a bit of cheek peek in the back, but not in a "Ouch, doesn't that denim thong chafe??" sorta way. Both shorts have a regular layer version as well, so all shapes, sizes and types of ass are covered, pun intended.

These peep-toe heels by Hucci at Collabor88 were a perfect match for my cherry cami from Fuk'N'Hawt. I love that store, and they have appliers for Lola Tango/Mirage, Phat Azz (works for Ghetto Booty too, follow these instructions), and now, they have WowMeh Appliers. WowMeh is most likely a future purchase for me, because it is pretty amazing... just need more of my fave stores to make appliers, so I hit the ground running. Speaking of running, need to run some errands, but happy shopping to you. :)

Heels: Hucci Pinup Peep for Slink High Feet - NightCherry, @ Collabor88 May 2014
Top: Fuk'N'Hawt Cami Top - Cherries
Hair: Truth Thelma, @ Collabor88 May 2014
Lolas Mirage; uLukie Ghetto Booty no.01
Tattoos: Letis
Mesh Hands: Slink Hands - Elegant
\Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Spring Teal
Piercings: EllabellaPunctureHebenon Vial
Lashes: Mon Cheri - Falsies Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Couture Eyeliner no. 02; Mons Hippie makeup Eyeliner (Basic)
Skin: [theSkinnery] Quiana (ebony) + face glow and lip gloss
Ears: [theSkinnery] Puki Ears
As before, photos by Nadya Kruyschek, and not retouched, only cropped. 

P.S. If anyone has LMs to stores that have well made clothing with appliers, please feel free to pass them to my avi, Nadya Kruyschek. While some guy friends and certainly my bf wouldn't complain if I were naked lol, I prefer to wear something really cute, sexy and impeccably created.